Woven Polyester Strap 19 mm L=600 m

Avoid expensive protective corners or pads.
No rough and sharp edges, no damage to your products.
Low own weight compared to the metal strap.
It can be tied as a rope or used with clips without requiring a specialized tool.
Prolongs and exhibits elasticity during critical loads - then restores.
Can be reused.
Easy to use for irregular shapes.
Resistant to chemicals.
Resistant to atmospheric conditions.
Customizable to customer's needs and wishes with color or logo.
Common Characteristics
Woven is designed to eliminate splitting and to remain perfectly easy to work even in extreme cold. Contrary to steel banding, woven straps will not rip when nicked. Extremely versatile in its applications, more and more woven type Caristrap is sold worldwide. It comes in a variety of strengths (from light duty to special/extra heavy duty), and in several widths and coil sizes. Woven strapping is produced in cross webbing technology. It is UV resistant, not sensitive to deep temperatures and can withstand high temperature up to 150°C. Due to these characteristics, it can be used outdoors without limits as well as, for example, in lumber drying chamber and it offers many other versatile solutions for special heavy duty applications in metal, lumber, automotive, steel industry etc.
Technical Data
Breaking strenght550  kg
Length600  m
Width19  mm

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