Self propelled Robot for stretch wrapping Noxon SPEEDY MAS 102

Self-propelled robot for stretch film packaging Noxon SPEEDY MAS 102.
Common Characteristics
The Robot is the pallet wrapping machine icon par excellence: easy to use, operating flexibility and good productivity make it an ideal product for all companies.
MAS® is the industrious last generation Noxon robot, specifically designed and constructed to meet a wide variety of packaging needs. Speedy Mas it's the entry level model for self-propelled robot.
Technical Data
Packing of pallets up to2200  mm
Power supply voltage230/50  V/Hz
Installed power340  W
Dispenser movement speed1.6-4.6  m/min
Thickness of stretch film9-30  µm
Number of pallets packed in one loadmin 200  pcs
Speed of movement / rotation38-65  m/min
Minimum weight of pallet40  kg
Minimum sizes of pallets600x600x500  mm