Vacuum packing machine YS-DQ-500S

Vacuum packing machine of envelopes and bags in the food and non-food industry.
Common Characteristics
Vacuum packing is a packing method that removes air from the packaging before sealing. The goal is usually to remove the oxygen from the packet to extend the shelf life of the food or to reduce the volume of the contents and packaging.
Vacuum packaging reduces the oxygen content resulting in the growth of aerobic bacteria or fungi and prevents evaporation of volatile components.
Depending on the product, the shelf life of the packaged products exceeds 6 times the shelf life of the normally packed packages. Non-food goods can be stored indefinitely in the low oxygen environment of vacuum packs.
Chamber systems meet the high quality requirements in the food and non-food industry.
Technical Data
Camera dimensions500х435х80  mm
Machine weight90  kg
Power supply220, 50/60  V,Hz
Power1.0  kW
Machine dimensions600х635х900  mm
Time for one wrapping cycle15-25  sec
Vacuum pump20  m2 / hr
Heating bar2  number