Heat Shrink Tunnels Maripak

Heat shrink tunnels for embedding into packing machines and integration into production lines.
Common Characteristics
• Special design in heating room insulation and optimized energy consumption
• It can be connected to any shrink packaging line.
• Smooth product transfer through the conveyor.
• Speed controller for conveyor,
• Heat adjustment,
• Side air control channels with adjustable flaps with handles
• Two separate layers design as heating room insulation to minimize the energy losses
• Intelligent PID controlled heating system
• Post cooling switch to cool down to 70?C before switch off
• Emergency heat controller for safety regulation
• Conveyor systems as our regular standard application with fixed or rotating silicon coated bars,
• Optional wire belt, Teflon mesh belt, heat-proof modular plastic systems can be applied upon request
• For POF applications, self rotating bars for perfect shrunk finish under packages
• Powerful shrinkage at all kind of PE, PVC, POF films
• Optional chain lift-up system to apply rotating or fixed bars with adjustable handle controls
• Optional speed controller for fan
• Built with standard casters for easy moving
• Can be used at the end of multiple sealers as integrated packaging lines.
• ISO 9001 quality standard with the relevant norm’s confirmations
• CE marking

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