Semi-automatic machines Maripak TMC Series

Semi-automatic packaging machines with shrink film monoblock with heat shrink tunnel
Common Characteristics
• Tunnel and L sealer combination on the same body
• Semi automatic shrink wrap solution with a professional out put quality
• No need for pressured air and motorized sealbar control
• Professional design with a robust construction

• Packaging solutions for medium volume of production,
• L sealer and shrink tunnel combination on the same body,
• Separate conveyors (infeed, discharge) for automated discharge,
• Automatic hood control with timer,
• No need for air supply in all models,
• Vertical adjustment on tunnel and L sealer conveyor as a complete single block,
• Perfect center seal alignment on long packages,
• Digital control panel available with different language options,
• Speed controller for tunnel conveyor and sealbar,
• Intelligent sealing system with controlled energy supply to the blade,
• Perforators to punch micro holes on the film,
• Heat adjustment for perfect shrinkage in tunnel (plus emergency heat controller),
• Silicon coated conveyor bars,
• Self rotation control for the tunnel bars upon demand for bottom shrink control,
• Magnetic hold down for “S” models,
• Motorized auto-close system on M series, hand closed on “S” series,
• Auto/manual mode option for automated or manual hand button controlled cycles,
• Optional foot pedal,
• Optional speed controller for the tunnel fan,
• External electric cabinet for easy service access,
• Bottom jaw sealing blade with finger protection system under sensor control,
• Optional trim winder,
• Waste bin basket for trimmed film,
• ISO 9001 quality standard with the relevant norm’s confirmations,
• CE marking,