Shrink packaging machine Maripak COMPACK 8000I

Shrink wrapping machine with magnetic holder for hood, timer control and two fan. Camera dimensions 810 х 640 mm
Common Characteristics
- One Step Shrink System. Shrinks and seals simultaneously, only one operator required.
- Packaging solutions for small or medium volume of production.
- Digital panel in English and in other languages.
- Shrink temperature fine tuning in digital setting option.
- Solid state relays for longer life of electrical components
- Height adjustments for different heights of the products and adjustable production loading tray.
- Practical film roll placement and easy to slide film housing device.
- Ceramic blade housing, film perforator for optimal product appearance, standard legs, with casters for easy mobility.
- Magnetic holder (MG) for hood with timer control.

Several sizes of the heating chamber in dependence of the product dimensions.

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