Battery Powered blind rivet nut setting tool FireBird GESIPA 1457414

Battery Powered blind rivet nut setting tool FireBird for blind rivet nuts up to M10 aluminium, up to M8 steel and up to M6 for all materials.
Common Characteristics
Thanks to its low weight, the FireBird enables extremely easy and fast cordless working procedures on constructions sites and in industrial manufacturing. With the tried-and-tested lithium-ion power supply, the riveting tool has a low capacity for self-discharge. The battery's shape also allows the tool to be placed down on it. Drilling of the blind rivet nut is performed with optimised torque and automated shutdown. The mechanism for triggering the riveting process is functionally separated from the drilling process and, once the riveting process is complete, the FireBird provides an automatic drilling function. The riveting tool is robust and features an impact-resistant housing. Furthermore, the balanced position of its centre of gravity and the convenient handle allow you to keep working while avoiding fatigue.

Threaded mandrel and nosepiece: M6, M4, M5
1 hexagonal wrench
1 double open ended wrench SW 24/27
14.4 V Li-Ion slide-on battery pack
Charger for 14.4 V Li-Ion slide-on battery

Warranty: Machine - 2 years; Battery - 6 months
Technical Data
Weight2.1  kg
Working range for all materialsM3-M6  mm
Working range aluM3-M10  mm
Working range steelM3-M8  mm
Setting stroke13 000  N
Stroke5.5  mm
Voltage14.4  V Li-Ion
Accu performance2.0  Ah