Atlas Copco ETP TBP-S91-80-13 Smart Battery Pulse Tool 8-80 Nm

Smart Battery Pulse Tool with torque and speed control.
Common Characteristics
With the same hardware as the TBP but with a slimmer software version suited for quality critical tightenings, the TBP-S cordless pulse tool is a robust yet slender solution for the middle segment. With a mix of productivity, ergonomics and error-proofing, the TBP-S is proven to offer less maintenance and less down-time in production. Just like the TBP, the TBP-S shows the lowest vibration levels in the market. This means operator comfort and safety, reducing work related costs caused by fatigue and injuries.
Technical Data
Power500  W
Voltage36  V
Torque8-80  Nm
Idle speed800-6000  min-1
Number of stages6 или 16 програми 
Squaer / grip size1/2" 
Weight1.80  kg