Brushed Stapler Milwaukee, M12BST-202X

Brushed stapler 12 V
Common Characteristics
- Breakthrough performance limits user fatigue by eliminating the repetitive motion of hand tools;
- Ready to Fire Technology eliminates ramp-up time between each staple discharge;
- Bump fire and sequential fire operation allows the user to fire quickly and accurately;
- 2000 staples fired with one 2.0 Ah battery pack;
- Fires standard T50 staples from 6 to 14 mm;
- Dry-Fire lock out stops the stapler from being fired when empty;
- Compact length, height and width for easier access to compact spaces;
- Adjustable belt hook for user convenience;
- Flexible battery system: works with all MILWAUKEE M12 batteries.
Technical Data
Voltage12  V
CapacityLi-Ion, 2.0 Ah 
Weight1.6  kg

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