Magnetic drill Rotabroach, ELEMENT 100

Magnetic drill for drilling up to 100 mm
Common Characteristics
- Rotabroach’s largest machine with large diameter drilling and cutting depths;
- Suitable for drilling up to 100mm diameter by 100mm depth;
- The Element 100 offers forward and reverse functionality for tapping;
- The Element 100 can be supplied as a swivel base or a non-swivel base;
- The Element range uses a unique dual motor protection system prolonging the machines life and preventing unwanted wear;
- All of our Element machines are fitted with Rotabroach’s unique CutSmart panels designed to increase your tool life and productivity;
- Designed for you to get the most out of your machine and your cutters, CutSmart has an easy to read panel that indicates when you are drilling with too much force, to avoid inappropriate use;
- Allow the cutter to do the work and you will find that a much smoother hole and faster drilling time is achieved.
Technical Data
Motor specification2000  W
No Load45-129;70-208;150-434;240-770;  rpm
Max hole cutting diameter100  mm
Max hole cutting depth100  mm
Arbor19.05  mm
Magnetic adhesion20000  N
Magnet size228x114  mm
Weight24.8  kg