Soldering Iron Milwaukee, M12SI-201C

Solderin iron 12 V
Common Characteristics
- Quick heat up time, the tool is ready to use in 20 - 30 seconds;
- 3 locking head positions to work in multiple orientations - 0°, 45°, 90°;
- Tool free replaceable tips;
- Dual color LED lights to notify user: flashing green when tool is heating up, solid green when the tool is ready for operation and solid red when the tool is off but the tip is hot to touch until the red LED turns off;
- Temperature monitoring to maintain heat throughout tough applications;
- Bright LED light for increased visibility of soldering application;
- Flexible battery system: works with all Milwaukee M12 batteries.
Technical Data
Voltage12  V
CapacityLi-Ion, 2.0 Ah 
Weight0.5  kg

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