Threaded Rod Cutter Milwaukee, M18BLTRC-522X

Threaded rod cutter 18 V
Common Characteristics
- Brushless threaded rod cutter delivers a fast and effortless solution for cutting threaded rods;
- Integrated brushless motor provides the user the power to cut through M6, M8, M10 and M12 mild steel or M6, M8 and M10 stainless steel threaded rod, with a run time of up to 300 cuts with a 2.0 Ah battery;
- Included cutting dies cover the most common sizes of threaded rod: M6, M8, M10 and M12, which can be changed by rotating the dies;
- Optimised tool handling allows better visibility, guarantees easy alignment and precise cut accuracy;
- Intelligent design delivers optimum balance for overhead cutting, as well as great stability for pre-fab applications;
- Fully balanced tool, with a centred grip design, provide a perfect one handed operation;
- Automatically opens dies after a cut is complete to allow the user to do fast repetitive cuts;
- The tool provides the ability to cut short pieces with a minimum length of 3.8 cm;
- REDLINK overload protection electronics in tool and battery pack deliver best in class system durability.
Technical Data
Voltage18  V
CapacityLi-Ion, 2.0 и 5.0 Ah 
Weight3.9  kg