V-belt driven drill press SCANTOOL 13A

V-belt driven drill press SCANTOOL 13A
Common Characteristics
Scantool 13A is the obvious choice for the “do-it-yourselfer” who wants higher quality or for lighter industrial and institutional use (e.g. in schools).
Scantool 13A is perhaps small to look at, but unlike its competitors in the market, it has a stable and powerful 400W motor.
The quality is top notch – even the handle on the side has been the subject of attention. Its substantial rubber grip provides a secure grasp for working with the machine.
A built-in spotlight in the upper part of the machine maximizes precision.
Scantool 13A comes with a keyless chuck.
Top notch safety
Safety features are absolutely top notch.
There’s a large and sturdy guard around the rotating chuck with a micro switch.
The machine comes equipped with a green light that indicates whether the spindle is rotating.
This provides additional safety for the operator as well as for people in the vicinity.
The upper cover of the machine includes a micro switch to prevent it from suddenly starting while, as an example, the belt pulley is being adjusted or replaced.
Technical Data
Revolutions per minute1400  Rpm
Voltage1x230V-50 Hz  V
Number of spindle speeds5  бр
Height730  mm
Net weight25  kg
Motor400  Watt
Drilling Capacity1-13  (Ф mm)
Drill chuck13 / B16  mm
Max. spindle travel50  mm
Size of table162x162  mm