V-belt driven drill press SCANTOOL 25A

V-belt driven drill press SCANTOOL 25A
Common Characteristics
• Morse Taper No. 4
• Reversible spindle rotation
• Large working table
• Complete with auto lock chuck
• Separate emergency stop and working light
• For max. safety when changing the belt speed the machines are supplied with safety switch.
• Safety guard complete with micro switch
• Designed for both home workshop and industrial use
• The Scantool drill presses are specially produced by one of the largest factories in the world, using advanced technology on semi-automatic production lines
• The simple construction ensures high quality, easy operation and a long life
• The table is tilt-able with degree scale.• 400 V models are reversible.
Technical Data
Revolutions per minute120-3480  Rpm
Voltage3x400V 50HZ  V
Number of spindle speeds12  бр
Height1700  mm
Net weight125  kg
Motor1.1  kW)
Drilling Capacity1-32  (Ф mm)
Drill chuck16/B16  mm
Max. spindle travel120  mm
Throat depth254  mm
Max. distance spindle/table710/1180  mm
Size of table475/425  mm
Max. tilt of table (+/-) 45°  degree
On pedestalда