Dead blow sledge hammer BAHCO 3625PU-50

Common Characteristics
- Steel structure and PU (Polyurethane) layer hammer
- Anti-sliding handle
- The striking area will not be marked
- Ideal for tyre change, transmission work, etc.
- Products adapt to temperature from -20o to 90o. Hardness is 83~86 shore A.
- Steel shot in head minimizes rebound and more driving power. The force of the strike is transferred to the object, decreasing the shock to the user. Reduce fatigue from wrist and arm.
- Non-sparking and low noise. Increased surface protection
- Applicable mold production, wooden furniture, gas, chemical engineering, petroleum, gunpowder, sheet metal, the ship of aviation and sailing, electrical machinery, aluminum instruments for doors and windows
Technical Data
Head length100  mm
Head weight790  g
Total length320  mm
Head width50  mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications