Screwdriver set MDV906N 6 pcs

Teng Tools screwdriver for high voltage operation - 1000V.
Common Characteristics
Set including 6 insulated screwdrivers (with slotted heads, Phillips heads). Two layers with different colour insulated shafts. Each screwdriver is individually tested and approved. With ergonomically designed two component handle with hanging hole. Manufactured and tested according to the standard IEC 60900 for work under voltage up to 1000 volt (by special electricians).
Screwdriver MDV820N 0.4?2.5?75 mm
Screwdriver MDV822N 0.5?3.0?100 mm
Screwdriver MDV824N 0.8?4.0?100 mm
Screwdriver MDV826N 1.0?5.5?125 mm
Screwdriver MDV842N PH1-80
Screwdriver MDV844N PH2?100