Rechargeable hand lamp with high colour rendering (RA95) and the ability to control cold and warm light. Lightweight, flexible and extremely impact resistant. Magnet and suspension hook make the lamp very flexible. While the hand lamp is charging in the charging unit, there is an emergency lighting function that comes on if the power goes off, providing 100 lumen for approx. 1 hour. The lamp is equipped with a UV light located at the top end of the product. UV light can detect cracks, leaks in cooling systems or water pipes, and mould in building structures.
Common Characteristics
Color temperature 2700-6500 K, 95 RA
Luminous flux 800 lm
Voltage 5V
Charging time 5 hours
Working time 50% power 6 hours
Operating time 100% power 3 hours
Lamp life 30000h
Operating temperature -10(±5)-+61 °C
Operating time energy saving output 24 h
Protection class IP 65
Width 58 mm / Height 218 mm / Depth 45 mm
Black color
Power 10 W