Side cutting pliers with progressive edge BAHCO 2101G

Sizes: from 125 to 180 mm.
Common Characteristics
- Side cutting pliers developed according to the scientific ERGOTM process
- ISO 5749
- Finish: Black finish, anti-corrosion treated
- Material: High performance alloy steel, ERGO handles with 2-component combination, thermoplastic surface on tough polypropylene which gives superior grip
- Induction hardened cutting edges
- Progressive edges: The cutting radius progresses along the edge in order to cut hard material like piano wire close to the joint and soft materials like copper and plastic insulated wire at the tip
- Screw joint that provides excellent running and accurate alignment of the cutting edges
- The distance from the joint to the centre of the cutting edges is reduced: giving greater leverage and increased cutting capacity
- Round shaped jaws give improved accessibility in confined spaces
- Equipped with a patented return spring featuring an on/off function
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications