Fully automatic charger / maintainer 15A BAHCO BBCE12-15

Application: Boats, Cars, Camping vans, Commercial vehicles, Buses, Agriculturale vehicles, Trucks…; Battery charging range 12V: 10-230Ah
Common Characteristics
- 15 amps Fully Automatic charger/maintainer Microprocessor controlled
- This charger uses Microprocessor Controlled Technology "Connect and Forget" with multi-charge charging for added precision, safety and battery life:Multi-stage charging including:
- Analyzing Battery - Recovering battery - Softstart - Bulk mode - Absorption - Monitoring - Float mode - Maintain
- Designed for all types of lead-acid batteries like AGM, Cal/Cal, Gel, SLI, VRLA, EFB including Start&Stop
- Reverse polarity protection: Helps protect battery and charger from damage
- Scrolling Digital Display providing step by step instructions to properly follow the charging of the battery such as “FULLY CHARGED AUTO MAINTAINING”, “CONNECT CLAMPS”, and “ANALYZING BATTERY”
- Hook attachment: For hanging the charger in safe and convenient areas
- Float-mode monitoring: Automatically maintains optimum battery charge
- Input: 230V AC 50Hz Output: 12V DC @ 15A IP20
- Contents: 15A 12V charger/maintainer, clamp adapter, manual