Digital Torque and Angle Slim Bluetooth Wrench BAHCO TAWMB9135M

Common Characteristics
Bluetooth real-time 2-way data transfer
Bahco Connect free app available for Windows 10, Android and iOS in 18 languages
Easy to set up and use
Recalibration warning by time and/or number of cycles
Re-Do option
Data download through the app
Torque Units in Newton.metre,, dNewton.metre,, (cNewton.metre & in.oz depending on range), and angle units in degrees
Can be used CW and CCW at temperatures between 5?C and 42?C
Memory capacity for 1500 readings and up to 50 presets
Torque, angle, torque and angle, torque then angle, preset and job modes
Data and set value retention during battery exchange
Programmable automatic shut-off time
More advanced configurations and settings available in user manual
Accurate to ±2% CW - 3% CCW between 20% and 100% of max torque
Accurate to ±4% CW and CCW between 5% and 19% of full scale
Visual (dual LEDs + backlit LCD display), audible and vibration signal
9x12 interchangeable heads for multiple applications and versatility
All metal body for high strength and long life
Battery compartment with reverse threaded end cap for AA alkaline batteries (included)
Supplied in sturdy blow-moulded case with a declaration of conformity according to ISO 6789-1:2017 traceable to International standards
CE and UKCA marked
Made in USA
Technical Data
Torque range6.8-135  Nm
Length338  mm
Weight730  g