F-R-L unit SMC 3/8" with automatic drainage

F-R-L unit Combined filter, regulator and mist lubricator. Removes water and cleans compressed air to 5 micron to prevent corrosion and downtime on compressed air tools and other pneumatic components.
Common Characteristics
High air quality can be achieved by separating the condensate through centrifugation. Transparent polycarbonate container with built-in safety guard and 360 visibility. The regulator ensures a constant and precise working pressure, apart from any pressure drop in the pipes. Protects compressed air tools and pneumatic components against harmful overpressure. Mist lubricator for automatic lubrication. The flow is measured at 7 bar feed pressure, 6 bar set working pressure and 1 bar pressure drop. The drain pipe should have an internal diameter of min. 8 mm and not exceed 5 m in length. Bracket included.
Technical Data
Connection size3/8  "
Maximum flow rate recommended40/1500  l/min
Maximum pressure10  bar
Working pressure0.5 - 8.5  bar
Cup volume55  cm3