12V/24V Heavy Duty Booster BAHCO BBA1224-3200

Common Characteristics
3200 cranking amps at 12V and 1600 cranking amps at 24V, heavy duty booster
Powered by two lead-acid AGM spiral batteries with pure lead plates, extremely effective in delivering high power at high cranking amperage almost instantaneously
Extremely powerful
Cranking amps: 12V: 3200A / 24V: 1600A
Suitable and specifically designed for heavy duty vehicles, such as buses, trucks or tanks
Heavy duty construction
Equipped with heavy duty, fully insulated clamps with wide 54 mm opening, able to transfer full current to the battery that needs boosting
High quality double insulated starter cables, 1.95 metres long with 70 mm? wire cross-section, featuring optimal length, flexibility and extremely high conductivity
Clamps equipped with a copper bridge for reliable current spreading on both bronze jaws
The connector for selecting either 12V or 24V is made from the most robust industrial connectors on the market and equipped with a very comfortable handle
Equipped with a very easy and intuitive control panel with a voltmeter, a 16A external fuse and a 12VDC socket-outlet
Provided with a smart charger that is 100% fully automatic and microprocessor controlled to allow multiple charging steps for added accuracy, safety and increase battery life
Multiple safety features
Reverse polarity protection
Equipped with a 500A fuse for protection against short-circuits or over-long starting attempts
Monolithic construction made of roto-moulded polyethylene, nearly unbreakable and resistant to all fluids used in garages, including brake fluid
Features a gas release safety valve that prevents gas accumulation and drastically reduces the risk of explosion
Operating temperature: -20°C < / < 50°C
CE certified