6 Amp Fully Automatic Charger/Maintainer for 12V Batteries BAHCO BBCE12-6

Common Characteristics
Suitable for lawnmowers, boats, cars, campers, commercial vehicles, buses, agriculture vehicles, etc.
Aided by "Connect and Forget" microprocessor controlled technology with multi-level charging for added precision, safety and longer battery life
Designed for all types of lead-acid batteries like AGM, Cal/Cal, Gel, SLI, VRLA, EFB including Start&Stop
Float-mode monitoring: Automatically maintains optimum battery charge
Reverse polarity protection
Scrolling digital display providing step-by-step instructions for the correct battery charging process, in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish and Italian
Quick-connect security: Attach either ring connector into place in seconds
Battery charging range 12V: 6-130Ah
Input: 230V AC 50 Hz Output:12V DC @ 6A IP20
Box contents: 6A 12V charger/maintainer, clamp adapter, fused ring leads harness and user manual
CE certified