Foldable crane 2000 kg BAHCO BH6FC2000

Foldable Crance with maximum lifting capacity 2 tones.
Common Characteristics
- Foldable body and four fixed positions of the lifting arm: 2,000, 1,500, 1,000, 500 kg
- Dual pump cylinder which decreases the number of necessary strokes by 50% (compared to Irimo version)
- Extreme flexibility and wide area of usage
- Minimum legs entry height: 130 mm
- Maximum arm hook height: 2,640 mm
- Steel and PU (polyurethane) covered wheels ensures both excellent durability and silent handling
- Swiveling PU covered lever for easy and comfortable pumping from all positions
- Increased safety thanks to
- ”Dead man” safety mechanism
- Overload valve
- Swivel safety hook
- Certified according to 2006/42/EC + BS EN1494
Technical Data
Capacity2000  T
Maximum capacity in position 12000  kg
Maximum capacity in position 21500  kg
Maximum capacity in position 31000  kg
Maximum capacity in position 4500  kg
Minimum entry level130  mm
Maximum entry level2640  mm
Number of strokes75 
Dimensions1845x1220x2640  mm
Weight170  kg