Laser head light tester BAHCO BLBT100

Suitable to verify and adjust any kind of headlamp (high, low and fog lights), including headlights with XENON and LED lamps including Matrix LED for Audi
Common Characteristics
- Appropriate for use both in garages and Test Lanes. For light and heavy vehicles
- Internal regulable measuring screen with scale for both right and left hand drive vehicles
- Laser alignment visor + central laser pointer to easily positioning of the unit in front of the vehicle
- Digital luxometer
- Height adjustment system with locking system from 240mm to 1,400mm
- Rotating mast allows a 360° turning of the body of the headlight tester over the axis of the has a big stability and allows block of the rotating mast.
- Water scale level and knob to compensate/adjust floor slope
- Base with 4 wheels that makes rolling very easy
- Comfortable use due to the positioning of the wheels. Robust anti-tip base
- Supplied with assembly, operation and calibration manuals and EC Declaration of Conformity
- Complies with EC regulations and also approved by the UTAC and NFR63-801 in France