Closed head AXXAIR water cooled OD 6 to 52 mm

Common Characteristics
Diameter ф6 - ф52mm
New range of orbital closed welding heads to meet the most demanding welding requirements in the most confined spaces.
Grease-free operation: compatible with clean room standards.
Perfect gas protection in the welding head thanks to the closed chamber: welding with very limited coloration.
Easy to use: Intuitive interface and parameters adapted to the characteristics of the tubes. Software integrated into the SAXX power sources range.
High-quality and repeatable welds in a minimum space!

Large pivoting window with welding glass shade 10 to check the electrode alignment after tightening the two frames.
Closing system with adjustable force without tools. Allows precise adjustment of the force of the jaws on the tube to be welded and helps opening after welding.
Global Process: Cassettes for welding in confined spaces as an option. Easy positioning of the cassette on the parts to be welded before fixing the central body of the head.
Optimized handling: Ergonomic handle with soft touch compound areas that brings the hand closer to the centre of gravity of the head. Stainless steel remote control buttons integrated.

Technical characteristics:

- Water cooling of the electrode holder / rotor and the aluminium flanges
- Two frames opening
- Thin stainless steel collets and wide aluminium collets
- Illuminated logo on each side to show whether the power supply on or off and whether the machine is in welding cycle or not
- Specific electrodes by diameter
- Motor with encoder: allows starting from any angular position of the electrode
- High protection against arcing outside the electrode
- All heads are delivered in a water- and dustproof suitcase and with a suspension assembly
- 8 metres cable
- Weight: 8,6 Kg

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