ESAB CaB Systems

CaB Systems
Common Characteristics
Cost efficient and flexible weld mechanization
• Modular design concept allows total customization using standard components.
• Large selection of available components to integrate for a custom solution:
• Any A2 or A6 weld head
• A2-A6 Process Controller PEK with ESAB DC or AC power sources
• ESAB turning rolls and positioners
• ESAB flux feeding and recovery systems
• Monitoring systems and cameras
• Four basic station configurations, suitable for most standard applications.
• Three different sizes; 300, 460 and 600 (number refers to boom profile height (mm) which determines working range and load capability).
• Choose from stationary or mobile, rail-travelling carriage systems.
• Versatile to respond to any automated welding demand.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications