Open head AXXAIR AVC/OSC for OD 19 - 115mm

Open orbital welding head with symmetrical clamping system and electronic regulation of arc voltage (AVC) and oscillation (OSC)
Common Characteristics
Diameter ф19 - ф115mm
Head offering a wide range of use for making high quality multi-pass welds.
Intuitive interface and automatic parameter calculation mode integrated into the SAXX power sources range.
Quality and repeatability of welds to ensure high productivity.

Technical characteristics:
- WATER cooled head with AVC/OSC system
- Quick symmetrical tightening by lever
-Motorization with encoder: allows starting from any angular position of the electrode
- Oscillation range: 20 mm, AVC range: 20 mm, max speed: 15 mm/s
- Weight: 10.6 Kg