Orbital welding head for tube to tubesheet AXXAIR 12-82mm

Orbital welding head for tube to tube sheet applications in heat exchanger productions.
Common Characteristics
Diameter ф12 - ф82mm
Portable and easy to move machine with integrated wire dispenser. Can be used directly on worksite.
Intuitive interface and automatic parameter calculation mode integrated into the SAXX power sources range.
Quality and repeatability of welds to ensure high productivity.

Mandrel system : concentric clamping from inside the tube
Adjustable positionning stops
Electric wire with wire feed (coil)
Water cooled tilting head

Technical characteristics:
- Tilting water cooled head
- Head and wire adjustment trolley
- Built-in rotating wire dispenser (O 0.8 mm)
- Maximal wire speed: 200 cm/min
- Weight: 7.5 kg without wire spool

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