Pipe tilting rotator DUMETA D-GK1000PR

Pipe rotator for clamping, rotating and tilting ф30 - 400 mm workpieces of up to 500 kg
Common Characteristics
Pipe Rotators are used for clamping, rotating, and tilting of pipes with round profiles in manual and automatic welding from Ф70 - Ф820mm.
Mainly used in the field of pipe construction (prefabrication and assembly on site) and central heating construction.
The stable and compact construction of the pipe tilting rotator D-GK-1000-PR makes it possible to carry out numerous activities such as welding, cutting, grinding and many more. Moreover, the electrically adjustable top-role for clamping enables working under a tilt angle.
This Pipe Rotator with Clamping Roller System has essential advantages over traditional devices. They can be used for pipes with elbows, Tee pieces, or other offset loads. A wide range of pipes can be clamped.
Quick precise centering and clamping without chuck, clamping shoe, etc.

• Rolls with PU coating or made of stainless steel
• Speed controlled foot pedal
• Remote control

Your advantages
• capacity 2.000 kg
• clamping, turning and tilting
• 45° tilt angle left/right
• workpieces diameter 70 - 820 mm
• hardened and profiled rollers
• compact construction
• stepless speed control
• incl. foot pedal and control (by wire)
Technical Data
Rotation speed120 - 1.200  mm/min
Workpiece70 - 820  O mm
Power supply400  V/Hz
Double foot pedal (start-stop/left-right)да 
Remote control (by wire)5m 
Max. load2.000  kg
Tilting angle± 45  O
Max. torque tilting 1.000  N/m
Tilting torque5.000  N/m