Welding positioner Dumeta D-HB-6

Heavy-duty positioners Dumeta D-HB series
Common Characteristics
Positioning and rotating your workpiece has never been that easy.The heavy duty positioners of Dumeta D-HB series will significantly reduce your workpiece handling time and enhance work safety. Due to the ideal working height workspace ergonomics are improved.These welding positioners enable the welder to rotate the workpiece at the most suitable speed.
Technical Data
Power supply400 50/60  V/Hz
Double foot pedal (start-stop/left-right)Да 
Remote control (by wire)Да 
Max. load600  kg
Table700  mm
Rotation speed0.2-2  rpm
Tilting angle0-135  O
Max. centre gravity250  mm
Max. eccentricity150  mm
Max. torque table900  N/m
Max. torque tilting1500  N/m
Max. welding current500  A