Welding rotator D-HGZ-40

self-adjusting welding rotator D-HGZ-40
Common Characteristics
The D-HGZ series of self-aligning welding rotators are designed so that the rollers automatically align to fit different workpiece diameters. All four axes of the drive unit are motorized to ensure smooth rotation and even weight distribution. This pressure distribution offers a special advantage when working with thin-walled workpieces because it reduces the chance of workpiece distortion.Due to the rubber rollers with steel frame, the D-HGZ welding rotators are also suitable for components exceeding a temperature of 90 °.D-HGZ rotators can be supplied with a capacity from 5.000 kg up to 500 tonnes. We also provide D-HGZ welding rotators that are custom made according to your specific requirements.
Technical Data
Max. Rotating capacity drive unit40000  kg
Max. load capacity drive unit20000  kg
Max. load capacity idler20000  kg
Rollers O x W400x200  mm
Rotation speed100-1000  mm/min
Workpiece600-4500  O mm
Motor power3  kW
Power supply400 50/60  V/Hz
Double foot pedal (start-stop/left-right)Да 
Remote control (by wire)Да