Welding rotator Dumeta D-DWR-1

Welding rotators for light and medium workpieces Dumeta D-DWR
Common Characteristics
Dumeta D-DWR welding rotators are suitable for the positioning and turning of small containers and pipes. Using a welding rotator to rotate your workpieces will significantly reduce your production time and enhance work safety and ergonomics. The D-DWR welding rotator can be supplied with a capacity from 1000 kg and to 3000 kg.
Technical Data
Max. Rotating capacity drive unit1000  kg
Max. load capacity drive unit500  kg
Max. load capacity idler500  kg
Rollers O x W50x200  mm
Adjustment rollersръчно 
Rotation speed100-1000  mm/min
Workpiece20-800  O mm
Motor power0.12  kW
Power supply230 50/60  V/Hz
Double foot pedal (start-stop/left-right)единичен 
Remote control (by wire)