Welding rotator Dumeta D-DWR-VE

Welding rotators Dumeta D-DWR-VE-5 offers you fixed working height regardless of workpiece diameter.
Common Characteristics
With the D-DWR-VE-5 welding rotator of the DWR-series the centre height of the product always remains at the ideal working height. This contributes to an ergonomic working posture of the welder. Moreover, the welding rotator can be combined with a vertical manipulator from our product portfolio. The machine enables you to significantly reduce production time and to improve work safety.
Technical Data
Max. Rotating capacity drive unit5000  kg
Max. load capacity drive unit2500  kg
Max. load capacity idler2500  kg
Rollers O x W100x200  mm
Rotation speed100-1000  mm/min
Workpiece80-900  O mm
Motor power0.12  kW
Power supply230 50/60  V/Hz
Double foot pedal (start-stop/left-right)Да 
Remote control (by wire)Да