Welding rotator with PU rollers D-CHGK -5PU

The rotator D-CHGK are designed for heavy duty rotating and positioning works
Common Characteristics
The Dumeta D-CHGK-5 PU welding rotator is designed for heavy duty rotating and positioning work such as that for: tanks, pipes and pressure vessels of varying diameters and weights. Get your workpiece in the right welding position so that you can weld and efficiently.The spindle construction (handwheel) is designed to facilitate the easy adjustment of the distance between the rollers to suit the diameter of the workpiece.
Technical Data
Max. Rotating capacity drive unit5000  kg
Max. load capacity drive unit2500  kg
Max. load capacity idler2500  kg
Rollers O x W250x140  mm
Adjustment rollersРъчно 
Rotation speed100-1000  mm/min
Workpiece100-2500  O mm
Motor power2x0.37  kW
Power supply400V, 50/60Hz  V/Hz
Double foot pedal (start-stop/left-right)Да 
Remote control (by wire)Да