Cutting carriage PROMOTECH DRAGON

Dragon is intended to transport different types of oxy-fuel cutting torches with a grip diameter 28-35mm, plasma cutting and beveling
Common Characteristics
Primary features and benefits:

- State-of-the-art, digitally controlled track torch
- Cutting and beveling up to 45° (also parallel by means of 2 torches)
- Quick clamping torch holder for torch diameter from 28 mm to 35 mm
- Advanced speed control system with implemented digital PID regulator
- LED display with readout of actual and set speed, and report messages
- Rigid heat-proof design
- 2-wheel drive with auto – braking drive unit
- Quick drive release switch for easy re-positioning
- Runs on a rail or directly on a workpiece
- Connectable rails to form various lengths
- Wide assortment of optional accessories for variety of applications, like machine barrel torch holders, manifolds, circle cutting attachment etc.
Technical Data
Voltage230  V
Power20  W
Horizontal speed0-150  cm/min
Torch diameter28-35  mm
Weight16.8  kg