Welding carage PROMOTECH Rail Bull 2

Common Characteristics
Primary features and benefits:
• Fully modular mechanized travel carriage can be custom configured for a variety of welding, thermal cutting and gouging applications on flat or curved plate, tube and pipe
• Linear torch oscillator to produce weave welds
• Active compensation of torch position vertically and horizontally by means of modular automatic seam tracking system
• Programmable path of stitch welds
• Possibility to select one limit switch preset out of three presets available.
• Suitable for variety of circumferential and irregular surface applications down to minimum radius of 100 mm (4”)
¦ Ring tracks on diameters from 200 mm (8”) OD up to 3 m (10 ft) OD
¦ Custom rolled tracks on diameters from 3 m (10 ft) OD up to 10 m (32 ft) OD
¦ Semi-flexible tracks can be flexed to minimum radius of 5 m (16 ft) without permanent deformation
• Ergonomic remote control pendant with simple and easy to find control knobs makes adjustments possible without lifting of the operators welding hood
• Magnetic adhesion of the pendant provides firm grip on ferromagnetic materials
• Suitable for all welding positions on both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials thanks to rack and pinion drive and various tracks equipped with magnetic or vacuum units
• Rail Bull 2 produces consistent high quality welds and cuts in a fraction of the time required by manual operations
• High speed up to 3 m/min makes plasma cutting available
Technical Data
Voltage230  V
Power120  W
Horizontal speed0-300  cm/min
Horizontal pulling force400  N
Vertical pulling force300  N
Torch diameter16-22 (35)  mm
Weight10  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications