Welding carriage PROMOTECH GECKO HS

Gecko is a small portable welding carriage designed for the highest quality welds.
Common Characteristics
It has a 4-wheel drive system with magnetic fastening and a feedback mechanism for contour monitoring, which provides a stable speed in all welding positions
Possibility to adjust the speed - suitable for all welding modes. The compact welding carriage weights only 8 kg

Production of trailers
Tanks for trucks
Oil tanks
Water storage tanks
All applications where long and long welding is required.

Main functions and advantages of the Gecko welding carriage:
Compact and lightweight design with sturdy aluminum body.
Power supply 115-230 V 50/60 Hz.
The magnets allow a stable grip in all spatial positions.
The magnet on and off lever allows easy adjustment and installation.
Four-wheel gear worm gear.
Heat resistant silicone wheels
Quick gripping mechanism for different types of MIG / MAG burners with a diameter of 16 to 22 mm with option up to 35 mm.
Possibility for precise adjustment of the torch.
Multifunctional LED screen.
The closed system for stable contour movement reduces welding defects.
Controlled heat input reduces deformation.
Optimizing the cost of welding wire.
Automatic start of linear motion and welding.
Possibility for installation and control of 2 torches.
Possibility to work without guide rail.
Easy to use and position adjustment on any surface.
Improving the working environment - the operator is far from heat and welding gases.
Plasma cutting is also possible.

GECKO HS (High Speed) has an increased horizontal speed of up to 220 cm / min. It is suitable for both high-speed welding and plasma cutting.
Technical Data
Voltage230  V
Power20  W
Min. radius of curved workpiece surface1000  mm
Minimun workpiece thickness4  mm
Horizontal speed5-220  cm/min
Horizontal pulling force150  N
Weight8  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications