Welding carriage PROMOTECH, GECKO

Common Characteristics
Primary features and benefits of Gecko welding tractor:

• Compact, lightweight design with durable aluminum cast housing
• Convenient Power Supply 115–230 V, 50–60 Hz or 42 V, 50–60 Hz
• Positive magnetic traction permits out of position use
• Magnet on/off lever permits easy set up and adjustment on work piece
• Maintenance free 4-wheel drive with worm gear reduction
• Heat resistant silicone wheels
• Quick clamping Torch Holder mechanism for different types of MIG/MAG torches with diameters of 16-22 mm (5/8” – 7/8”); optionally up to 35 mm (1-3/8”)
• Precise torch adjustment with screw drive cross slide
• Multifunctional LED display - presetting of travel speed, error codes information
• Closed loop speed control system stabilizes travel speed to reduce weld defects and costly rework
• Consistent heat input reduces distortion
• Reduced wasted filler metal – eliminates over welding
• Automatic arc on/off system initiates welding with travel, simultaneously
• Capable of carrying and controlling 2 torches
• Self-guiding roller arms eliminate the need for track
• Multi-surface guiding with user-friendly adjustment of tractor position
• Improves working environment - removes operator from heat and fumes
• Plasma cutting possible
Technical Data
Voltage1x230  V
Power20  W
Min. radius of curved workpiece surface1000  mm
Minimun workpiece thickness4  mm
Horizontal speed0-110  cm/min
Vertical speed0-100  cm/min
Horizontal pulling force150  N
Vertical pulling force100  N
Cross slide adjustment0-35  mm
Torch diameter16-22 (35)  mm
Weight8  kg