Welding Robot Yaskawa Motoman MA2010

Welding robot Yaskawa Motoman MA 2010
Common Characteristics
Robot Motoman MA 2010 is a representative of the latest generation robots managed by the DX200 control system. The robot is powered by the latest generation of YASKAWA ELECTRIC Sigma V servomotors, allowing the robot to move faster by 15%. The robot's top shoulder is a "fork" type. The last axis is a hollow wrist type. The use of this construction allows integration of the welding cable package into the robot's upper arm.
Slim, fast six-axis MA2010 welding robot increases productivity and achieves highest robotic welding performance. Large, 50 mm thru-hole for torch cabling, sensor wires and water cooling. Eliminates cable interference, simplifies programming and reduces cable wear.
Technical Data
Controlled axes6  pcs
Payload10  kg
Maximum Horizontal/Vertical reach2010 / 3649  mm
Repeatability0.08  mm
Weight280  kg