Double Inflatable Purge Bag System TAG PIPE 89-115mm

Inflatable Pipe Double Purge Bag System
Common Characteristics
Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems are designed to maximise time and minimise cost. Two inflatable bladders are joined by a armoured gas hose. Using inert gas
(such as argon) to first inflate both bladders on either side of the weld before releasing the gas (via a pre set valve) into the chamber they have created, forcing
the oxygen out through exhaust tubes built into the bladders. The Oxygen is removed so the welder can weld the pipes without the risk of oxidisation.Once the gas flow is stopped the bags deflate and are easily removed from the pipe. Used in conjunction with our Purge Monitors, these systems enable the welder to produce highest quality welds in very little time and with no Oxidisation.