Heat Resistant Rapid Purging System TAG RP -190-215 mm, 500C

Heat Resistant Rapid Purging System from TAG PIPE are available for different sizes: from 3" to 80" (63 mm to 2044 mm).
Common Characteristics
  • Systems for the fast Purging of High Temperature Pipework.
  • The TAG Pipe Purge Bag and Rapid Purge Systems are both available as heat resistant versions.
  • Designed for use when high temperatures will be encountered during the process of pipe welding; such as pre-heated pipework, and pipes where very high temperatures are required for welding.
  • These versions of the inflatable pipe purging systems are heat resistant up to 350°C (572F) for up to 24 hours, or up to 500°C for short periods of time.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications