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Lightweight and durable, the Mathey Dearman machine is designed for accurate, quality cuts on 12" - 20" (323.8 - 508 mm)
Common Characteristics
The industry standard for over 90 years, the Mathey Dearman saddle machine is versatile, simple to use, and perfect for almost any pipe cutting and beveling application.

Versatile - Every model works on a range of pipe sizes
Adaptable - Works with all standard torches, including plasma
Portable - Light and compact, perfect for shop or field applications
Easy Set-Up - Mount and begin cutting in as little as 5 minutes
Proven - Depended on by professionals for over 70 years
Fast - Pipe is ready to weld up to five times quicker than hand cutting and grinding

Pipe size :

Want the easiest way to get a perfect cut every time? Motorized saddle machines from Mathey Dearman are precise and fast, delivering smooth cuts requiring little or even no grinding. Both experienced and inexperienced welders can benefit from the increased productivity (up to 5 times quicker!) and cut quality of motorized saddle machines compared to traditional hand-cutting or manual machines. Motorized PLASMASPEED saddle machines can use 110/230 VAC for pipe sizes 12" - 20" (323.8 - 508 mm) and can operate at increased cutting speeds to use powerful plasma torches.

Motorized saddle machine includes:
• 110/230 VAC motorized saddle machine
• Torch arm
• Torch carrier assembly
• Boomer assembly (fastens the machine to the pipe)
• Spacer bolt set
• Parts and operating manual
• Mounting bracket
• Right-angle precision stepper motor
• Motor control box
• Plasma communication cable