Welding Push-Pull systems Plymovent

The push-pull system is a general filtration method to prevent the accumulation of welding fume/fine particulates in the workroom.
Common Characteristics
Push-Pull systems meet the challenges in work environments, where the following situations can occur:
- At source capture may not be effective where large work pieces are being dealt with.
- Operators are working in areas where effective source capture is difficult.
- Personal protection equipment protects the operators but not others in the facility.

To move and extract the layer of particulate in a controlled direction, an extraction duct is designed according to your specific operation and facility layout.The extraction duct is provided with airflow grids. Proper design will allow for the most effective and controlled extraction of the metal working particulate layer.
The extraction duct is connected to a self-cleaning filtration unit. As the particulate moves through the extraction duct, it is collected on the filter media which is periodically cleaned by an automated, pneumatic cleaning system. When the pressure over the filter reaches a certain point, the internal self-cleaning mechanism begins to clean the filter, resulting in the particulate dropping into a collection container at the bottom of the filtration unit. The collection container can be easily emptied and contents should be disposed of according to local regulations.
A continuous extraction (pulling), filtration and re-circulation (pushing) process is being generated by a fan unit specifically sized for the system and positioned downstream from the filtration unit.

Once the particulate has been filtered, the filtered air can be re-circulated. By re-circulating the air, energy cost savings, specifically in climate controlled environments, can be recognized. The re-circulated air is also used in a controlled manner, to push the layer of fume towards the extraction duct. To effectively control the direction of re-circulated air, a re-circulation duct with volume regulated airflow grids is designed according to your specific operation and facility layout