Welding blanket CEPRO, Аthena 600 degree

Welding blanket CEPRO, Аthena -2000 x 2000 mm
Common Characteristics
Athena is a Glas-Filament-Fabric with a specially formulated grey fire-retardant PU-coating on both sides with aluminium pigments to increase the antislip properties and resistance to fraying. The maximum application temperature is 550 °C, shortly up to 600°C. Athena is recommended for vertical use, for example as a welding and grinding curtain in situations in which high temperatures are reached, or as a welding blanket for situations in which less high temperatures are reached. Athena is free of asbestos.

CEPRO recommends the use of multiple layers for maximum protection.
Always use welding blankets at an angle of at least 15 degrees.
The temperatures shown are only an indication.
The suitability of the selected product should always be tested beforehand.
Regularly check welding blankets for tears and or other damage.
Replace damaged blankets where necessary.
Welding blankets can be used for many purposes and therefore, no guarantee can be given on their use.
The end user is responsible for determining whether the welding blanket is suitable for use in a specific situation and whether it offers sufficient protection during the work to be performed.
CEPRO welding blankets are sewn on the cut edges with best quality Kevlar thread.

For more sizes, please check the attached catalogue!
Technical Data
Peak temperature600  C
Temperature resistance550  C
Weight470  gram/m2
Thickness0.41  mm