CEPRO Clear Grinding strip full roll 300x3mm 50m

Designed to separate the working space, to prevent splashes, sparks and fume.
Common Characteristics
Clear grinding stripss are designed to partition individual workplaces. Protect from pollution, smoke sparks and splashes.
Guaranteed quality - self-extinguishing, non-combustible
PVC material - DIN53438-2.
Shore hardness - 78 for normal temperature
Density - 1.22g / cm2
Strips thickness: 3 mm

Operating temperature: from -35 to +80 degrees.
Burning class: B2
Attaching method: With plastic clips, with the possibility of covering from 5 or 10 cm

Eclipse: no - the curtain is completely transparent and provides good visibility.
Caution: Transparent curtains do not protect others from harmful radiation!