Cepro Welding screen Gazelle Green-9 200х200 cm

Safe work and separation of the work space with welding screens CEPRO GAZELLE.
Common Characteristics
Cepro International is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of history and unique experience in the development and production of products for separating the work space in welding and grinding.
Founded in the Netherlands, Cepro International is today a leader in its field both in Europe and the rest of the world thanks to its innovative developments and wide range of technical solutions.
CEPRO welding curtains offer effective protection from harmful radiation and irritating light during welding. Through them, a very successful separation of the work space from the surroundings is achieved, to ensure safe work.

Standard galvanized frame, no wheels.
Round tube 25 x 1 mm
Screen height 200 cm.
Built-in curtain with open seam at top and bottom.
Curtain height 176 cm.
Standard curtain thickness: 0.4 mm
Color: Dark green green-9
Guaranteed quality. All types of curtains meet all European requirements, Standard EN-1598. Non-combustible material.