Welding curtain CEPRO Green 9, 180 x 180 cm, eyelets all

Effective in separating the workspace. Protect from splashes, sparks and harmful radiation.
Common Characteristics
Welding curtains are designed for use in workplaces where bystanders must be protected against the hazardous radiation emitted during welding work. They provide protection against dangerous Blue Light and Ultra Violet (UV) rays. In case of prolonged exposure these rays can cause actinic conjunctivitis and even cataracts.

General characteristics of welding curtains:
Reinforced 5 cm edging on all sides for greater durability and longevity.
Suspended holes, reinforced, located every 20 cm for perfect and easy installation.
Standard thickness: 0.4 mm
Equipped with clips for adjusting the individual parts of the curtain and achieving a uniform protective barrier against harmful radiation and splashes.
The set includes metal rings for fastening the curtains
Color: Dark green Green-9
- Darker than standard (DIN9) - for Green-9 color. Suitable for more complete insulation of the work space, with very low visibility, eliminating the influence of neighboring workplaces.
Guaranteed quality. All types of curtains meet all European requirements, Standard EN-1598. Non-combustible material.