Welding Curtain CEPRO Orange 180x140 cm

Welding curtains for separation of the working space and safe work.
Common Characteristics

CEPRO welding curtains offer effective protection against harmful radiation and irritating light during welding. They achieve a very successful separation of the working space from the environment to ensure safe work.

Characteristics of welding curtains:
Reinforced 5cm content from all pages for greater support and durability.
Open for suspension, reinforced, located every 20 cm for perfect and easy installation.
Standard thickness: 0.4 mm

Equipped with clips to accommodate individual parts of the curtain and achieve a single protected barrier against medium radiation and splashes.
The set includes metal rings for fastening the curtains
Color: Orange
Guaranteed quality. All types of curtains meet all European requirements, standard EN-1598. Non-combustible material.