Electrodes GEKA Laser B 47 3.2x350mm, /5kg/

Electrodes GЕКА Laser B 47 3.2x350 mm, Package- 5 kg
Classifications EN ISO 2560 - A: E42 4 B 42 H5
Common Characteristics
Typlcal Base Materlal Grades
S235JR- E295, E335, S235J2G3- S355J2G3, C22, C35, P235T1- P355T1, P235T2, P355T2, L210- L360, L290MB- L360MB, P235G1TH, P255G1TH, P235GH- P295GH, S235JRS1- 5235J4S, S315G1S- S355G3S, S255N- S355N, P255NH- P355NH, S255NL- S355NL,GE200- GE300
API SL: A, B, X42, X48, X52, X56, XOO
Features and Appllcatlons
Sullablllty tor uae Inout-of-position weldlng except tor welding at wrlcal down position. Excellent strength and toughnees.Suitability tor uae in the fields of steel constructions,boiler,container, machine manufacturing and shipbuilding as well as use in welding loow-purily and high-carbon steels
Suitability for the formation of welding buffer layers when building up high-carbon steels.Weld deposits with very low hydrogen content. Weld metal nicovery of about 120%.

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